Seed Grants Awards 2010-11


SEED grants: Development of Research Teams

INSPiRE's aim is to foster the development of research teams through collaborative grants. SEED funds worth $7500 for interdisciplinary research teams were awarded. Awards were made to emerging faculty-led groups in Nursing (Western/Fanshawe), HPS, OS and Education; Health Sciences; Health Sciences, OT, Physical Therapy, Communication Science and Disorders; FIMS – Journalism and Library & Information Science.

The award recipients in this category are:

  • DeLuca, S., Hall, J., Kiepek, N., Wedlake, M., Phelan, S. & Hunter, M. (2010). Creating Affirming Space for Critical Dialogue: Problematizing the Critically Reflexive Classroom.
  • Klinger, L., Bartlett, D., Cheesman, M., Kertoy, M. & Lucy, D. (2010). An Interdisciplinary Approach to Fostering Professionalism in Students in the Health Professions.
  • Neal, D., Rubin, V., McKenzie, P., Levine, M., Benedetti, P., & Smith Fullerton, R. (2010). Understanding Canadian health and medical journalists' information workflows: Implications for library science and journalism education.

Graduate student led groups represent Health Professional Education, Nursing, Education, Business and Education. The teams who won these awards are:

  • Bickford, J., Booth, R., Chishtie, F., Pitman, A. & Saeed, A. (2010). The Net-Work of Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Actor-Network Theory Inspired.
  • Chishtie, F. & Booth, B. (2010). Exploring “frame reflection” within and beyond reflective practice in a professional health practice context.