Centre for Education Research & Innovation: Health Professions Education Research Fellowship

When it comes to Health Professions Education (HPE) research, many faculty have difficulty dedicating time to the extended engagement that rigorous research demands.  Moreover, for many, there exist few opportunities for participating in interdisciplinary collaborations around HPE research.  This is especially true for those who want to deepen their own expertise in this area and who may require mentorship to do so.
The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Centre for Education Research & Innovation in partnership with the Interdisciplinary Network for Scholarship in Professions' Research in Education (INSPiRE) is pleased to offer space, funding and mentorship in support of a one-year HPE Research Fellowship position for full-time faculty at the University of Western Ontario.

We are currently seeking applications to fill two fellowship positions slated to begin in September, 2011.

What is the Education Research Fellowship?
Geared towards Western faculty with some experience in HPE research, the fellowship will provide $20,000 to be dedicated toward release of teaching and other duties. The expectation of the fellowship is that the faculty member will spend one full day per week at the Centre for Education Research & Innovation over a period of one year. 

During the program, HPE fellows will participate in weekly research meetings, periodic education rounds and an annual, local conference hosted by the Centre.  Close mentorship and regular individual research meetings with the Senior Fellow Mentor (Lorelei Lingard) and Program Supervisor (Mark Goldszmidt) will also be a core aspect of the fellowship.  During the fellowship, faculty will be expected to participate as the principal investigator on at least one major research project in addition to possible participation as a collaborator on other projects. 
To aid with start-up research costs, $2500 will be afforded to each fellow for the year.

How to Apply:
The due date for the receipt of applications is Monday, January 17th, 2011.  Interested applicants are requested to submit the following:

  1. A one-to-two page personal letter indicating: a) why the applicant wishes to participate in the fellowship; b) how they will arrange to protect their time during the program; c) a summary of their research experience to date; and d) a description of their initial ideas with regards to where they would like to focus their health professions research over the next several years.  As the commitment of time is central to the program’s structure, the letter must be specific about the one-day commitment and outline agreements negotiated within their school, faculty for release of teaching and/or other commitments, as well as the strategies to be undertaken to create and sustain it across the one-year term alongside one’s other faculty responsibilities;
  2. A short CV focusing on training received and research productivity (i.e., grants, papers and scholarly presentations);
  3. A letter of support from their Department Chair or Dean indicating agreement with the conditions of the fellowship.  Those indicating how the applicant might be supported to continue in this role following the fellowship would improve the candidate’s chances of being accepted.

Selection Process:
It is anticipated that short-listed candidates will be contacted by the end of January 2011 to arrange for an interview with final decisions being made by mid-February. 

Inquiries about the CERI HPE Research Fellowship and/or the application process should be directed to Mark Goldszmidt (Mark.Goldszmidt@schulich.uwo.ca  ext. 25007 or 35995)

All submissions should be sent to Ms. Holly Ellinor at Holly.Ellinor@schulich.uwo.ca or ext. 89044