Memorandum of Understanding signed between The University of Western Ontario and Charles Sturt University


The Presidents of Western and of Charles Sturt University (CSU), Australia, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding stating the intent of both institutions to encourage collaboration in programmatic and individual research. The agreement reflects the close ties being developed between the two university research groups focused on scholarship in professional education and practice: INSPiRE and RIPPLE. An event recognizing this agreement took place at the Wagga Wagga campus of CSU on December 6, 2010.


L to R: Professors Elizabeth Anne Kinsella (UWO), Bill Green (CSU), Tom Lowrie (CSU), Dean Toni Downes (CSU), Allan Pitman (UWO)

Associate Professor Elizabeth Anne Kinsella of INSPiRE and Professor Tom Lowrie
of RIPPLE shake hands on the agreement

Speech by Allan Pitman on the Acknowledgment of the MOU between the University of Western Ontario and Charles Sturt University

Wagga Wagga, Australia

6 December, 2010

First, we would acknowledge the Wiradjuri people and their historic trusteeship of the land on which we stand.

The University of Western Ontario is very pleased to be entering this MOU with Charles Sturt University, with the development of close connections between INSPiRE and RIPPLE as its first concrete expression .

Over the past few years our university has been entering into a number of fruitful agreements of this kind, with the intention on our side to only make such commitments in cases where there is the capability and likelihood of mutually beneficial scholarly work being generated.  The link between INSPiRE and RIPPLE is the first of what may become several concrete collaborations.

INSPiRE has been given a specific mandate by our administration: Our name the Interdisciplinary network for Scholarship in Professions’ Research and Education captures it well.  We are very pleased that our first international collaborations are with the RIPPLE Centre here at CSU.  Already, exciting partnerships are opening up.  The links started as a consequence of Anne Kinsella’s participation in a research conference here in Wagga Wagga .  Following visits to Western by Stephen Kemmis and Bill Green to participate in the conference Engaging Reflection in Health Professional Education and Practice and in a symposium considering the role of phronesis in professional practice, we have seen a book to be published in January 2011, Phronesis as professional knowledge.  The Embodied Professional symposium, jointly sponsored by RIPPLE and INSPiRE marked a further development.  We have joined the collaboration already in place to participate in this Doctoral Intensive on Researching Professional Practice, and look forward to participating in future such activities.  The exchange of faculty as Visiting Scholars has commenced, and Anne and I are pleased to be appointed as Ajduncts of RIPPLE.  As INSPiRE moves into its consolidating year we look toward similar invitations in the opposite direction.

May this be the start of a long and growing relationship between us. Thank you.

Allan Pitman


Anne Kinsella and Allan Pitman, Directors, INSPiRE, on behalf of Amit Chakma, President of the University of Western Ontario