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Congratulations 2016 Scholarship Winners!

David Wolfe Scholarship in Research on Violence Prevention

Congratulations to Caely Dunlop who has been awarded the David Wolfe Scholarship in Research on Violence Prevention. Caely is completing her MA in Applied Psychology at the Faculty of Education this month. Over the past two years she has connected directly with facilitators and youth across Ontario and the Northwest Territories to gain their perspectives on healthy relationship programming. Caely's contributions to academic publications, stakeholder reports, and knowledge mobilization efforts in the areas of school mental health and interpersonal violence have demonstrated her passion and dedication to research on violence prevention and student well-being in schools. These attributes are supported through receipt of this new award created by the Fourth R Team in recognition of Dr. David Wolfe. For the past 35 years he has shared this same drive to advance knowledge and extend support strategies on children's mental health. His extensive assessment and consultation to child protective services, schools, and the courts with respect to issues of child abuse and violence are exemplary and ongoing.

Caely Dunlop will return in the fall to further pursue her passion for violence prevention and mental health promotion among children and youth when she begins her PhD in School and Applied Child Psychology. Keep up the great work Caely!

Ray Hughes Scholarship on Innovation Practices in Violence Prevention

Congratulations to Adam Manery who has been awarded the Ray Hughes Scholarship on Innovation Practices in Violence Prevention. Adam is enrolled in the new two-year Bachelor of Education program, studying to become an Intermediate/Senior teacher in the History and Social Sciences disciplines. Last year Adam moved from Alberta to pursue the opportunity to join a cohort that specializes in the Advanced Studies in the Psychology of Achievement, Inclusion, and Mental Health. The passion to enact positive and long-lasting change in schools as an educator is alive in Adam and this is recognized by the new Ray Hughes award. As the National Coordinator for the 4th R program with the Centre for School Mental Health at the Faculty of Education, Ray continues to model the epitome of leadership for violence prevention in schools. His ability to reach superintendents, school administrators, teachers, parents and students to deliver meaningful training programs that influence behaviour and policy change is truly commendable.

Congratulations Adam on winning this distinguished award!

Faculty Awards

October, 2016 - Congratulations to Dr. Peter Jaffe who received the Honourable Justice Geraldine Waldman Award in Family Law, Criminal Law and Domestic Violence. Read more here

June, 2016 - Congratulations to Dr. Shannon Stewart and her team who were awarded the Amethyst Award, the Ontario Public Service's highest recognition for service excellence. Read more here