JAFFE, Peter G., WATSON, Lynn C., CROOKS, Claire V.

Creating Safe School Environments: From Small Steps to Sustainable Change
The Althouse Press

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ISBN 978-0-920354-70-4

Being intentional about the entire safe schools effort is key, I believe, and that is one of the many strengths of this book in that it provides a way and a means to do that, finding a good balance between theory and practicality.
David Tomlin, Principal
Toronto District School Board

This book is an excellent idea, and I think the level of writing is just right for the engaged and intelligent person who does not have the time to read the original research, but is highly motivated to adopt evidence-based practices and avoid the usual pitfalls administrators face when implementing them. Safe school committee chairs and professional development facilitators will also find this an excellent resource.
Dr. Wendy Josephson
Professor and violence prevention expert
University of Winnipeg

We are past the point of debating whether safe schools and violence prevention are priorities for educators. The challenge now is not whether but how to address these issues. While there are a number of excellent programs and tools designed to address the issues of bullying, harassment, media violence, dating violence, and how to foster positive relationships, it is a challenge for educators to match their students’ needs with the most appropriate program or strategy. Even the best research-based programs available will not be successful unless they respond to a school’s identified needs. This book offers a practical and strategic framework for identifying a school’s needs with respect to safe schools planning and developing a roadmap for action. It offers specific solutions to common barriers and points of resistance. There is no shortcut to properly assess what a school needs to make it a safe and secure place in which to learn. This book takes readers step by step through a process of assessment, planning, implementation, and achieving sustainability in this critical area.

The Authors
Peter G. Jaffe is a Professor in the Faculty of Education, The University of Western Ontario, and Academic Director of the Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children. He has written extensively on violence prevention and been an advocate for promoting healthy relationships in schools and communities. He has served for 30 years as a trustee on the Thames Valley District School Board.

Claire V. Crooks is the Associate Director of the CAMH Centre for Prevention Science in London, Ontario, and an Adjunct professor in the Faculties of Education and Health Sciences at The University of Western Ontario. She has written more than forty articles, chapters, and books on violence, adolescent behaviour, and working with Aboriginal youth, including Adolescent Risk Behaviors: Why teens experiment and strategies to keep them safe (2006, Yale University Press, with David Wolfe and Peter Jaffe).

C. Lynn Watson is an Educational Consultant with many years experience as an activist parent, educator, trustee, and government policy advisor. Lynn has worked as a researcher on a wide variety of projects, including developing violence prevention programs for schools that resulted in the publication of A.S.A.P., A School-Based Anti-Violence Program.