Hyper Texts: The Language and Culture of Educational Computing
The Althouse Press

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ISBN 0-920354-48-3

HYPER TEXTS is a lively exploration of the language used by journalists, politicians, academics and software developers. While some present a glowing vision of learners empowered by the use of new technologies, others offer dire predictions that computerized education will produce minds numbed by the onslaught of multimedia applications. Rather than arguing that educational computing is either the salvation of schooling, or the road to its demise, HYPER TEXTS attends to the assumptions, the promises, the fears, and the power struggles that underlie the discourse.

In this book, Ellen Rose, who has been personally involved in New Brunswick's bid for a place in the fast lane on the information technology superhighway, challenges the certainties and the claims that characterize both supporters and detractors of the initiative. Rose illuminates the way in which language functions to construct our understanding of educational computing, and of its impact on learning, knowledge and education. Her insights and conclusions will be of particular interest to all those who are concerned about the expectations for, and the social impact of, the new frontiers of information technology.

The Author:

Ellen Rose is a Consultant in Educational and Informational Technology, with extensive experience as an instructional designer and project manager in computer-based training projects for academics, business, government, and the military. She is currently a Lecturer in Education and in the Multimedia Degree Program at the University of New Brunswick.